Investment Management

Asset allocation

  • Asset allocation decisions are based on our analysis of a broad range of variables, including economic and secular trends, monetary and fiscal policy, global interest rates and capital flows.
  • We leverage our global network of thought leaders who have capital at risk, integrating their insights with our own perspectives to build a balanced portfolio across multiple asset classes.

Security research and manager selection

  • Our open architecture platform, which combines both internally and externally-managed strategies, allows access to alternative asset classes and targeted areas that improve portfolio risk/return characteristics and provide desired diversification.
  • We seek investments that benefit from value creating themes. This work identifies our best investment opportunities for our clients and shapes our security research and manager selection process.
  • Potential investments are analyzed by our research team and vetted by our investment committee.

Portfolio construction and monitoring

  • Portfolios are constructed with consideration for client risk tolerance, time horizon, and other specific criteria.
  • Our portfolio monitoring process identifies and analyzes sources of risk and return. This ensures adherence to investment objectives and allocation decisions.