Wealth Planning and Investments


North American Management Recognized in Financial Advisor Magazine's 2016 Annual RIA Survey & Ranking - July 2016

North American Management was once again recognized in the $1 Billion and Over Asset category. READ MORE (PDF)

Financial Planning Notes

April 2017 - Reducing Taxes with a Roth Conversion

Would you like to reduce your taxes in retirement and/or leave more money to your children? What if you could do both? Below we discuss certain situations where converting your Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA might make sense. READ MORE (PDF)

Investment Letters

First Quarter 2017 - Sound and Fury

Investor enthusiasm for stocks ignited after the U.S. election and continued throughout most of the first quarter, driving U.S. equity indexes to record high levels on March 1. The rose-colored glasses came off by late March, however, amid the failed Congressional rewrite of Obamacare, rising geopolitical tensions and some tepid economic data. READ MORE (PDF)

November 2016 - A Short History of Hedge Fund Returns

Hedge funds have played an important role stabilizing and improving risk adjusted returns in portfolios for decades, but recent performance issues have caused many investors to seriously question their value proposition and fee structures.  In fact, the performance trend is not new - we graphed a twenty-five year return history of the HFRI Fund Weighted Composite Index and highlighted a fairly frustrating, long-term decline in five year increments. READ MORE (PDF)