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North American Management Recognized in Financial Advisor Magazine's 2016 Annual RIA Survey & Ranking - July 2016

North American Management was once again recognized in the $1 Billion and Over Asset category. READ MORE (PDF)

Financial Planning Notes

January 2017 - What’s All This About Tax Reform?

Whether you voted for the Democrats or Republicans in this last election, changes to our tax code are afoot.   While many of the proposals put forth by our new President will undoubtedly have far-reaching societal impact, I thought I would lay out a few of the tax-related changes that could be implemented. READ MORE (PDF)

Investment Letters

Fourth Quarter 2016 - Great Expectations

The second half of 2016, particularly the fourth quarter, may well be remembered for the birth of the “reflation trade.”  Or maybe not – investors are watching the early days of the Trump presidency closely for confirmation that the policy mix coming out of Washington will be as pro-growth as promised.  READ MORE (PDF)

November 2016 - A Short History of Hedge Fund Returns

Hedge funds have played an important role stabilizing and improving risk adjusted returns in portfolios for decades, but recent performance issues have caused many investors to seriously question their value proposition and fee structures.  In fact, the performance trend is not new - we graphed a twenty-five year return history of the HFRI Fund Weighted Composite Index and highlighted a fairly frustrating, long-term decline in five year increments. READ MORE (PDF)